The first book of the series!



Captain Fingerman Boring Galaxy Cover 14

Believe it or not, this book is about boredom.

Yup, you read it right — BOREDOM! Do you

usually feel bored? Then this book is FOR YOU!

In The Boring Galaxy, Captain Fingerman

takes an explorative mission through duh,

the Boring Galaxy, of course! As captain

of the Banana Star, and accompanied

by his brilliant A.I. friend, B.I.R.I.,

Captain Fingerman discovers how to

reformulate all that’s boring, from

showers, to queues and homework,

and whatever!

Join us, and you’ll find that BORING

can be FUN and EXCITING when you let

yourself be guided by your IMAGINATION! No kidding!

And psst…! Captain Fingerman is super dorky, so

BEWARE! Like really, really BEWARE! Over and out!

fingerman 3.png

Meet Captain Fingerman, the friendly troublemaker!

BIRI - tumbnail 02.jpg

Meet BIRI, the best AI Buddy!

quinzia - tumbnail.jpg

Meet Quinzia, the Culture Queen!

Nowhere Man - tumbnail copy.jpg

Meet Nobody, the hallucinated guy!

Minky Von Blau - tumbnail copy.jpg

Meet Minky Von Blau, the blue sidekick!

hector - tumbnail copy.jpg

Meet Hector, the Bad Chimp!

fingerick - tumbnail copy.jpg

Meet General Fingerick, the smileless boss!

Kiruma - tumbnail copy.jpg

Meet Kiruma, the wise old lady!

Cinthia - tumbnail.jpg

Meet Cinthia, the vending machine!

Antonio Miguel 

This is a captivating story for children and adults. I’ve had so much fun reading it and deciphering all the funny details along the way. Brilliant writing and illustrations out of this world! (Literally)


Bandhagi Bajaj

This book takes the wild and vivid imaginings of a child and brings them to life! You can see it's written with great love and fun, as art should always be.


Tina Fam 

Imaginative, funny, and engaging story, wonderfully illustrated. An easy and enjoyable read for the young.


Great comic book to read together! My children and I loved this book. Perfect to inspire them and have a great moment altogether. Well written and great pictures!! Recommended!!

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