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Who is who? Meet General Fingerick, Nobody, Kiruma, Minky, Cinthia!

Hey Finger Friends! What's up?

Today on WHO is WHO!, we would like to introduce you to some of our secondary characters of THE BORING GALAXY. I know you may think that minor characters are less interesting! But, this time, they play a valuable part in Fingerman's story! Here we go!

General Fingerick

Let's start with our first friend: General Fingerick.

Who is General Fingerick? He is the chief of BASA. What is BASA? Well, I don't want to spoil the surprise! You will find out in a few weeks, in the book!

General Fingerick is serious, strict, inflexible, disciplined, but above all, he NEVER, EVER, Smiles! He is in charge of Captain Fingerman, and he is always in a panic because of the potential trouble Fingerman might cause.


Nobody is someone who lives in the middle of nowhere. And he will teach Fingerman how fun a nowhere place could be!


Kiruma is a nice old lady, very modest and gentle. She lives alone on a small moon, and she takes care of the place! Kiruma will be a big surprise in the story and will teach Fingerman the most valuable lessons! Who is she in reality? You will find out in the book too!

Minky Von Blau

Minky Von Blau is a small INK POT, the dedicated assistant of her Majesty Quinzia. Well ... more than an assistant, Minky is her sidekick! He is the Queen's FACTOTUM. A bit boring, diligent, cold and blue, he is always focused; he never expresses himself. Chess is his only passion.


Cinthia is a modest yet kind vending machine. Like BIRI, she is an Artificial Intelligence manifested by a hologram. She will make some suggestions to Fingerman, but I will let you discover the disaster that this misunderstanding will produce in the book. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel! Zàijiàn!

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