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Who is who? Meet Manfinger, Fingerman's alter-ego!

Welcome back, Finger Friends!

We are back with our 'Who is who' series. This time we are presenting the new characters in our second book CAPTAIN FINGERMAN: THE EVIL MANFINGER, which is now starting to sell on the main online platforms. Today Meet Manfinger, Fingerman's alter-ego and the main character in this story alongside Fingerman!

Manfinger is the main character of this adventure. And in this case, he is the villain. While Fingerman is dumb, Manfinger is super intelligent. At the same time, since Fingerman is made of matter, Manfinger is made of antimatter.

Manfinger is an accidental product of a scientific experiment done by Fingerman, who fired an antiprotonic laser at himself. The antimatter of this mysterious and evil character is contained by an electromagnetic field that has a limited lifetime! This technology marvel created an opposite copy of Fingerman, which intends to dominate the world!

Manfinger has a remarkable ability to elaborate evil plans, but being the opposite of Fingerman, he is unfortunate! But that won't stop him from becoming King and conquering the entire planet!

Do you want to know how it ends? Come with us and find out how Fingerman will defeat him!

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Auf Wiedersehen!

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