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Who is who? Meet Muku, Itta, Rice, Lieutenant Fingerkrupp, Bob Enzo, Ian, Ann, Kent and Karl!

Hey Finger Friends! What's up?

Today on WHO is WHO!, we will present to you the secondary characters of THE EVIL MANFINGER.

Muku, Itta, and Rice

MUKU is the acronym of Mathilde Ursula Kashmire Ultra-soft. MUKU is a calm, rational and severe scientist, but at the same time, she gets angry quickly, especially when she faces naive and dumb characters like Fingerman! She is a nuclear physicist. With her two assistants, ITTA and RICE, she leads the antimatter research department at the Science Lambs Institute of Banopoly. She loves rocket salad and has her meals directly from a green wall at the entrance of her laboratory, which can be accessed via password.

Lieutenant Fingerkrupp

Lieutenant Fingerkrupp is a rock-solid finger! A strong, indomitable, steely character. He has unshakable faith in the law and strictly applies it with no exception. His mission is to protect the established order, and he feels responsible for the President BOB ENZO LOPEZ TUPÈ.

Bob Enzo Lopez Tupè

President ENZO is the classic sneaky, slimy and power-hungry politician. He is bald and hairless as an egg. He uses a ridiculous, funny wig, hence the name Tupè! He is obsessed with money: in fact, he never misses an opportunity to flaunt his wealth or the exorbitant cost of his properties.

Ian, Ann, Kent, and Karl

This is the team of the most famous broadcast in Banopoly: Breaking News! Ian and Ann are the TV presenters, always alert and obsessed with journalistic scoops! Kent, and later Karl, are the reporters who work as special envoys at the hot spots of live broadcasts. While IAN and ANN comfortably sit in the studio, the two helpless reporters have no life! They must always go everywhere and be available for any last-minute reportage.

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