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Who is who? Meet Quinzia, the Culture Queen!

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Nice to see you again, Finger Friends!

Today we are, once again, introducing you to the bad guys of our story!

Please, allow me to introduce you to QUINZIA!

QUEEN QUINZIA THE FIRST PEERLA MAGNA CARTA is the ruler of the Culture Planet.

Quinzia is the Monarch of one of the most advanced yet boring planets of the Boring Galaxy! The planet is a sanctuary for literature, philosophy, etiquette, culture, history, poetry etc. The planet is populated by floating blue letters and symbols of every culture that has ever existed in the universe.

That is why the tone is blue, including Quinzia. Her majesty is super methodical, rational and encyclopaedic. She imposes a rigid protocol on everyone, especially outside visitors. As supreme leader, Quinzia is very demanding, rigorous, strict and severe! She has no patience to spend time with mediocre people or even dumb ones!

How could Fingerman possibly survive in this context? Well … that's a funny story. If you are curious and want to know more, you must follow her misadventures in our book!

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Hasta la vista!

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