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Who is who? Meet Hector, the Bad Chimp!

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Hello Finger Friends!

So far, I have only introduced you to good fellas. So today, let's show you some very evil guys! Now we are going to present to you a despicable character. It is time for you to meet Hector, the Bad Chimp!

Hector has been the enemy of Fingerman for a long time... and he was the villain for our first Fingerman comic strip back in 2018! Hector conflicts with our hero since they both love bananas, and something terrible happened a long time ago when they were kids.

Hector is an ape! And gets very angry if someone mistakes him for a monkey! He gets furious when Fingerman calls him an evil monkey!

So, where does Hector come from? As strange as it sounds, he comes from the same place where Fingerman is from, The Banana Planet! Bananopoly is not only a place for finger people!

Hector found himself ranging in space because of his revenge, travelling with his Coco-Naut spaceship, constantly looking to accomplish revenge!

Do you want to know how it's going to end? Yes? Well … in that case, you must follow his adventures in our book!

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