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Who is who? Meet Captain Fingerman, the friendliest troublemaker!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Hello Finger Friends!

My name is Matteo, and I am the co-author of Fingerman.

With this video, we are starting a new series dedicated to the characters in Captain Fingerman Series.

Let's start with the main protagonist: Captain Fingerman!

If you want to know more about Captain Fingerman's origin, I invite you to visit our website and click on OUR STORY. Just let me tell you this: Fingerman has been my best imaginary friend since I was a little toddler. And still is.

So, Who is Fingerman?

Well, Fingerman is a friendly troublemaker. He is naif, and most of the time, a professional nincompoop.

At the same time, Fingerman is brave, full of wonder and always ready for an adventure! These are his best skills and abilities.

One thing is for sure: Fingerman only eats BANANAS! We don't know why. Maybe because Bananas are Yellow, easy to chew and seedless, perhaps that is the reason: indeed, it is not complicated for him to understand how to eat them!

Fingerman has two pretty blue eyes, no nose, no ears, and a big mouth. Despite being made of two fingers, he can walk, jump, eat, burp and sleep. Especially sleep!

He even hyper-sleeps during his long space journeys…

We are talking about space. Fingerman is the Captain of the BANANA STAR, the most advance and cool space ship of BASA's fleet. Now. Why is he a Captain? Well … that's a long story. And if you are curious and want to know more, you must follow his adventures on our books and our website!

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