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Updated: Jan 11, 2022

What to do on a Sunday afternoon? Especially when outside is too hot to enjoy the great outdoors? Well, one of our favourite options is Jewel @ Changi. Beautiful indoor space, full of food, green, running water, attractions for both kids and parents. We appreciate it because it is not like a standard shopping mall. It offers the illusion of being outside with the incommensurable advantage of avoiding the relentless tropical heat. But most of all, at Jewel there is the second Apple Store in town!

And we love to go there: the shop is incredibly beautiful, attendants are super friendly with us, and there is always some great activity to do, especially for the kids.

That exactly what happened yesterday! We went there to collect one repaired device from tech support when we discovered there was a photography session for kids. Of course, Matteo wanted to attend it; therefore, we participated as an after-lunch activity.

After a quick tutorial session, Matteo received one iPad and started going around the store taking pictures of us. Of course, I was the main subject. He asked me to pose in different ways as I was testing and trying most of the exposed items.

The shooting section was funny, and it happens we were also caught on the other kids' photos as involuntary subjects! Once done, the kids got back to their places for a brief confrontation and for sharing their experiences. It was at that moment, Fingerman appeared!

The second part of the activity was dedicated to photo editing. The objective was to fully use the potential of the photo application. Kids were invited to personalise one of their pictures with some creative art drawn on top of it!

Matteo had no doubt what it should be! He wanted to draw Fingerman in our self-portrait picture! As a member of our family, he definitively deserves to appear with us! While the other kids were beautifying their photos with emojis, hearts and rainbows, Matteo was drawing the silhouette of Fingerman. He just asked me some help with the mouth detail, and then he entirely coloured the body!

He finished just in time since he was the first one to present his work to the public and in front of a crowded store. He picked up the microphone and went out to stage!

The lady asked what he drew, and Matteo, with measured confidence, affirmed: "This is Fingerman! He is a character I invented!"

"Wow! You really did it by yourself?" replied the attendant.

"Yes! We have a website dedicated to him. And a book too!"

"A book? You published a book about your Fingerman?"

"Yes. It is a comic book! You can buy it online!"

Everybody was amazed, including me! I confess it was so electrifying to see our big faces on the mega screen, including Fingerman with his joyful speech bubble saying "Hello!"

That proves how much Matteo loves Fingerman!

- Mauro -

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