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Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Captain Fingerman Then came The Piwuas
Captain Fingerman Then came The Piwuas

After THE BORING GALAXY and THE EVIL MANFINGER, we are proud to present our third book in the series: THEN CAME THE PIWUAS! Again, it is another important milestone in the Fingerman Comics project that started long ago and looks forward to the future with enthusiasm! Today we were thrilled to receive our first copies by mail! It all started in January 2022. The following months have been an intense work period to produce 200 pages of illustrations from zero and working with our editor, ensuring everything was checked, every text and speech balloon was perfect, and every drawing was improved to the maximum. And here is the result, it is now time to celebrate! Kept a secret until now, it is time to reveal the next adventure. What is the story about this time? Let me tell you a bit about it: Hey, what would you do if you stumbled upon something totally bizarre? And deep inside, you know you’re supposed to leave it alone. But the curiosity is killing you! Should you just walk away? But what’s the worst that could happen?! Right…? As he explores space, Captain Fingerman accidentally awakens the PIWUAS. This triggers a series of events that leads to total CHAOS in Banopolis. So who are the Piwuas, and where do they come from? And why do they cause so much TROUBLE? To make matters WORSE, old enemies return with a VENGEANCE! Yikes! What will our hero do now? Join Captain Fingerman in this exciting new adventure as he attempts to reclaim his standing and restore peace to Banopolis! The book will be available on all online platforms soon. Meanwhile, you can see it on the Publisher's webpage! Enjoy!

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