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12th October 2021
Captain Fingerman The Evil Manfinger - Book Cover - front only.jpg

After THE BORING GALAXY, we are proud to present our second book in the series: THE EVIL MANFINGER! It is undoubtedly another important milestone in the Fingerman Comics project that started long ago and looks towards the future with enthusiasm! 


Once more, it has been an intense work period with our editor, making sure that everything was checked, that every text and every speech balloon was perfect, that every drawing was improved to the maximum. And here is the result, it is now time to celebrate!


What is the story about this time? Kept as a secret until now, it is time to reveal the next adventure. Let me tell you a bit about it:


Do you know what an alter ego is? An alter ego is an alternative personality or your other self. But what if your alter ego is literally and physically the exact opposite of you? What if he is made of opposite matter?

In this story, Captain Fingerman will face his perfect alter ego: Manfinger! Witty, intelligent, rude, EVIL and made of ANTIMATTER! Manfinger's plan is to dominate the world! Will Captain Fingerman be able to save himself AND the planet?

Join this adventure full of coup de théâtre, intrigue and conspiracy, and seasoned with quantum mechanics, particle accelerators and explosions! Follow Captain Fingerman into the subatomic world and have fun learning through the exploits of our hero, by chance!




- Mauro -

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