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27th April 2020
Captain Fingerman & the Evil Manfinger

During the lockdown (March and April 2020), we used our time at home well! It was a unique opportunity to develop our second book, a continuation of our very first adventure!

We have created and drawn a couple of pages every day. We improved the technique and developed a good number of new characters. We had so much fun!

In this story, Fingerman creates an antimatter nemesis! His new enemy is clearly his perfect alter-ego: Manfinger. As Fingerman is a dummy but fortunate, Manfinger is very smart, but he has terrible luck...
Manfinger's evil plan is to dominate the world with his great brain. Will Fingerman be able to save himself and his planet? That is the big question in this story, only to be revealed at the end of this adventure!

Unlike our first book, we did not publish the individual pages on Instagram as we were creating the story. We wanted to go a step further: we wanted to look for a Publisher to further develop this dream project! As a birthday decision, I committed myself to send an original manuscript to some publishers and understand if they could be interested in working with us. So we kept the new story unrevealed!
- Mauro -

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