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21st June 2018
The Boring Galaxy, the beginning of a SERIES

Boredom, as we know, is the most feared enemy of children. It is also Matteo's number one enemy. And it's so fearsome that it attacks him even when he's on vacation!


This is precisely what happened on June 2018. We were on family vacations coming back from the fun of the beach when Matteo reached me bored and irritated. It is easy to get entertained by the sand and the sea, but once at home, the boredom comes inexorably! So to motivate him, I replied that the only way to fight it is to make it fun. To get something fun out of things that seem boring to us.


And so we started to list down all his annoying moments, from doing homework to sleeping. On that moment, the idea came to our minds: what if there was a boring galaxy? What if Fingerman ended up exploring that galaxy?


And what if every dull moment turns into a different planet? An absurd and ridiculous world, crazy and fun at the same time! So, we picked up a small sketchbook, Matteo's grandmother's present, and we started drawing the first sketches of our story.


Obviously, the spaceship had to be a Banana! And Fingerman, its captain! The 'Banana Star' was born at that moment! But travelling in space alone was too much, even for him! He needed help. Someone to help him manage the ship, drive it, but above all save him from the trouble!


Here, as a parody, BIRI came to our mind. A customized version of SIRI with B. for Banana. From S-IRI to B-IRI. We know that SIRI means "Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface." In our story, BIRI is more like: "Buddy In-charge and Responsible for any Fingerman's Improper use of the Banana Star". That is why BIRI is a hologram always alert and thoughtful to the slightest move of its captain!


Yet there was one last point to solve: how could Fingerman transit from one galaxy to another galaxy! Here the scientific knowledge of Matteo came into action: "Easy dad, through a wormhole!"


Obvious, isn't it?


And that was it! With all the ingredients in hand, we were ready to start the adventure that would later become a book! The First Epic Book of Fingerman!

- Mauro -

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