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Hello Finger Friends! After watching the video, I bet many of you are asking right now, "What is this?"! Am I right?

Yup. The answer is YES! We are so excited to tell you that your guess is correct! We are, in fact, secretly developing the first EVER Fingerman Theme Park!

Now I can hear your questions rising fast and furious like a tsunami approaching the coastline:

"Where? When? How much does the ticket cost? What attractions are there? How big is the Park? Is there a Banana Star too? Are bananas for free?" Etc.

Slow down, my friends! Slow down. I didn't say it's ready yet! We are still very, very far away from that! I cannot reveal many details at the moment. But I can tell you we will pitch the proposal soon to developers for a pilot theme park based on "The Boring Galaxy" story.

Would you like to share your suggestions? Would you like to have a particular attraction in this Park? Do you know somebody interested? Do you have any helpful contact to share with us? Any suggestion is super welcome. Just grab your keyboard and write to us!

We will keep you posted as soon as we have more news! Until then, stay safe, stay well, and cross your fingers for us!!!

See you soon!


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