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Our Books reviewed by LITTLE TINY BOOKWORM

Hello everyone!!

Yesterday we have been honoured with this amazing review of our books by Little Tiny Bookworm!

And here is what they say about our Captain Fingerman Series:

This is a first for littletinybookworm - today's review is of a comic series for slightly older kids as opposed to a picture book!

Without further ado, meet... Captain Fingerman!

Captain Fingerman: The Boring Galaxy is a superb introduction to the world (universe?) of the titular character - a well-meaning but not too bright spaceship captain! Join Captain Fingerman as he journeys through wormholes and across the universe to explore the newly discovered 'Boring galaxy'!

'The Evil Manfinger' follows on from 'The Boring Galaxy' and follows Captain Fingerman as he returns to his home planet and unwittingly creates a mirror version of himself - an arch-nemesis called Manfinger!

These 2 comics ('Captain Fingerman: the Boring Galaxy' and Captain Fingerman: The Evil Manfinger') are an excellent introduction to the world of comic books. The stories will grab the attention of kids, make them laugh and keep them turning pages until the very end. The illustrations are great and the story includes educational sidebars that explain key concepts like 'wormholes', and also provides further activities for children to complete. I really enjoyed reading this, and I think kids will too.

The Boring Galaxy can be bought from:

The Evil Manfinger can be bought from:

The comic's Instagram page is @fingermancomics

Thank you so much, Little Tiny Bookworm!!

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boy reading comic book
Captain Fingerman: The Evil Manfinger

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