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Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Matteo drawings new Fingerman comics

by Misha Monteiro-Benson

In a time when many lament the lack of imagination, the Fingerman story is not only a cracking good story but it is also the testament to the depth of imagination possessed by Matteo Moro, aged 8. Together with his father, Mauro Moro, the two embarked on a labour of love and fun which culminated in the illustrated adventure Captain Fingerman and the Boring Galaxy.

As Matteo's tutor and guest in the Moro home, I watched as father and son worked together on the dining table with rolls of sketch paper and the all-important computer. Their process is a story worth telling. Typically Matteo bouncing up and down with enthusiasm would describe scenes to Mauro who would employ his considerable artistic skills to reproducing Matteo's scenes on paper. However, Matteo is an exacting creator and would reject sketches that did not fit his vision of the scene.

This journey of creation began in an unlikely situation. While on holiday, the family realised with considerable horror that young Matteo had not brought any toys. However, in the absence of plastic and metal distractions, the family turned their fingers into little men to play with. Fingerman was born.

Matteo has an active and vivid imagination but also a thirst for knowledge. So with his father, he took Fingerman as a character and added him to a subject which he finds fascinating. The cosmos, the infinite span of space and all the wonders of the universe. Fingerman's character developed and grew with the Moro family and became another member. A naturally naive sometimes unpredictable but an adorable addition to the family.

However, Fingerman must leave the confines of the Moro home. For the call of the final frontier is strong and by Matteo's order, he must take command of the starship BananaStar as her Captain to explore deep space and to poke what no finger has poked before. Captain Fingerman faces the unknown and will find untold wonders but also threats, old and new. Join the crew of the starship BananaStar and follow Captain Fingerman in an adventure full of surprises and good laughs in the illustrated saga, Captain Fingerman and the Boring Galaxy!

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