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September 2020 to January 2021
Captain Fingerman Boring Galaxy

After completing the draft of our second book, we knew it could not stop there! During the following months, we got informed and learned about the different Singaporean publishers we could contact. Advised by our friend and editor, Misha Monteiro-Benson, Marshall Cavendish was definitely our first choice. Methodically, Catarina prepared all the necessary material for the application, and we emailed our work on 11th August. 

The first day of September brought us immense joy when we opened our email box! Marshall Cavendish was interested in our story, interested in knowing more about us and our work.

A sequence of meetings brought us their interest in publishing our second book and the possibility of revisiting our previous one as the first of a series. 

It is now January 2021, and we are working hard on redrawing our first book - THE BORING GALAXY - aiming to launch it by May. The story was revisited, the content was added, and educational aspects were integrated. The book was restructured, all leading to an enormous improvement as our experience grows in parallel with our wish to continue creating this imaginary world that we would like to visit one day!


Can you imagine traveling through THE BORING GALAXY or meeting all these characters? We daydream of it as we laugh and create a new piece of the story every day!

To Be Continued...

- Mauro - 

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