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1st October 2019
Genesis of a COMIC BOOK

There is a big difference between scribbling some cartoons (even if they are funny) and drawing a proper comic book!


Drawing about ten pages is one thing. Making a whole comic book is another. In the beginning, nobody thought about publishing! It was enough for me to entertain Matteo for a while. But then over time, we realized that the story was getting more and more exciting and fun. I didn't want to give up on this project, but for this, I had to solve a technical problem.


Once I realized that the number of pages and comics was becoming huge, I concluded that I could no longer rely only on paper support. 

Despite my great love for hand-drawing on paper with ink and colours, I had to give in to the digital reality! I knew I would have lost my personal pleasure of the touch on the sheet of good quality paper or the scent of the paint. But it was necessary! 


The work of digitization, importing and correction on Photoshop would have been too big, long and impossible to carry out!

That was how I invested in technology and learned how to draw on an I-pad using Procreate. I was thrilled with my choice. The transition from analogic to digital was fantastic to me, and the result went beyond all my expectations. The production of comics did not only increase in quantity but also in quality!


Not to mention the ease in posting our finished pages on social media at the end of each week! It became a commitment!


Thus the production slowly became such that it had to be structured into a broader and better-organized history. It was then that we thought of a comic book. 


Encouraged by the success of "DogMan" and inspired by the irresistible attraction that such publications have on kids, including Matteo, we began to plan how to publish a book. This most "pragmatic" part was developed excellently by my wife. While Matteo and I continued with our production, Catarina organized all the necessary for launching the first Fingerman comic book - Captain Fingerman & the Boring Galaxy - which we self-published on Amazon KDP!

- Mauro - 

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