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24th March 2018
Fingerman and THE LOST BANANAS
fm lost bananas.jpg

The very first Fingerman comic strip was '00Fingerman and the Lost Bananas'. At the time, Matteo was fascinated by characters like a spy or a secret agent. He imagined himself as the 'secret agent Fingerman', dressed up in black and with different gadgets available for his missions. We called him 00Fingerman! As you can expect, this special Fingerman is a martial arts champion and capable of really cool moves!


But, as in all the coolest 007 stories, there was a need for a villain! We needed Fingerman's alter-ego, evil and terrible, the arch-enemy of our hero! Who could take this part? Since Fingerman maniacally likes bananas, it occurred to us creating an enemy who is also fanatic and fixed with bananas. A monkey! But it couldn't have been any monkey! 


We needed an Evil Monkey!


That's how Hector was born!  Hector, once Fingerman's best friend, wants to take revenge for being forgotten by him. Of course because of bananas! He tries, in every way, to steal all the bananas that he can find.


So, on that weekend, Matteo and I started to draw a short story (two A3 sheets in black and white). The scene begins with Evil Monkey and the robbery to the Banana Bank. 00Fingerman arrives promptly and, with a Bruce Lee kick, quickly puts Hector KO. 

But our villain doesn't give up, and with remote control, activates a trap under Fingerman's feet. The trap door opens, and our hero falls into the void. But 00Fingerman has a grappling hook with which he saves himself. With a breathtaking move, he defeats Hector again, who ends up in jail! 


The story ends with Evil Monkey behind bars, shouting revenge against Fingerman!

- Mauro - 

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