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6th May 2016
Fingerman and THE HOUSE OF HOLES
The House.JPG

The very first story of Fingerman was the 'House of Holes'!


It was back in May 2016, and our son Matteo was almost five! We decided to make a storytelling show to perform at his birthday party. So we asked Matteo to think about an adventure for Fingerman, and he came up with this idea of a house full of holes. That was the starting point!


The story begins with Fingerman standing in front of a strange house, with all doors and windows closed. But, since this is the house of holes, Fingerman is able to get in through one of the holes. Inside the house, he faces an enigmatic environment where everything has holes: not only floors and walls but even the water, fire and lights have holes! Wondering around the house, Fingerman accidentally falls inside a big hole, which has at the centre another hole, getting trapped in a chain of infinite holes. In the end, he wakes up in bed, freaking out from nothing more than a dream!


The story was made out of 10 collage panels produced by the three of us (Mom, Dad and Matteo) cutting, sticking and colouring each scenario of the adventure, plus a small Fingerman on a stick used to represent his movements! This had two sides: one happy face and one scared face, to reinforce the drama during the performance!


On Matteo's birthday, we went to his school to entertain the children with Fingerman's first adventure! It was a success: Matteo was so happy and excited during the storytelling!


We also have written a Fingerman song to sing together with all the kids at the end! What a magnificent conclusion for a birthday party!

- Mauro -

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