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9th July 2022

Now that we are living back in Lisbon, our European hometown, we started presenting our Fingerman project to some local Independent bookstores.


These are lovely places where you can find all types of unexpected books. Excellent illustrations and super exciting stories, totally different from what you see in regular bookstores. They also dedicate an area to books in their original languages. That gives us space for our Captain Fingerman Series, only in English for the time being.


TINTA NOS NERVOS, run by Pedro Moura, happily accepted to sell our books and invited us for a Book Launch at their cultural space on Saturday, 9th July. This was our first in person public event. Because of the pandemic, we have been presenting our work only online until now.

It was exciting to tell kids and parents about our project, show our creative process and some behind the scenes, talk about our favourite characters and answer their many questions. The kids were curious to learn more about the third book, coming out soon. Especially finding out about the Piwuas, the cutest and naughtiest little creatures that give life to this story.

Matteo was thrilled to have his school friends within the audience and did remarkably in presenting his stories in Portuguese this time. We also had so much fun on the read-aloud part; we chose the first chapter of the new book 'Captain Fingerman: Then came the Piwuas' to conclude this session.


Hopefully, one day we will be able to work on a Portuguese version of our stories and read these to a broader public here too.


- Mauro -

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