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Matteo is a boy with a wild and vivid imagination. Always curious about the world around him, he brings that learning and exploration to his stories and his books. He has an extensive collection of imaginary heroes and monsters for stories to come!

Born in Portugal to a Portuguese mother and an Italian father - two advocates of arts and creativity - he spent most of his life in Singapore immersed in artistic activities that became part of his daily bonding with the parents. It stands obvious to even the most casual acquaintance that Matteo has inherited his parents' creative flair and unbridled enthusiasm!


Mauro is an architect, author, urban sketcher, illustrator, and musician. Most of all, he is a proud dad and a talented artist who gave shape to his son's dream of creating a book series with his own adventures! 

Born in Italy, he has lived in Spain, Portugal, and Singapore. He loves to spend time with his family, where good bonding moments create stories and laugh at Fingerman's adventures.



Fingerman is Matteo and Mauro's little imaginary friend, represented by two fingers that are his legs. He came alive to have fun and entertain little Matteo when toys did not do the trick. Fingerman never steps back, never gives up, and faces all the situations without fear. He is hilarious, naive, and totally spontaneous. That is why he is so funny and naturally became the protagonist of their adventures. Thanks to his long presence and strong character, he definitely became part of the family. 

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