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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

The expected launch day arrived, it is time to celebrate! The BORING GALAXY is OUT, available on GOGURU!

After many months of hard work, we are proud to have our book out and finally ready to sell. We are happy to share our project with the world, and we are pleased to share our fun moments around this adventure.

It has been an intense work period with our editor, making sure that everything was checked, that every text and every speech balloon was perfect, that every drawing was improved to the maximum.

It is an immense join to see the result of this project that started so long ago before we could even imagine publishing a book; so long ago, Matteo was a small boy, and we needed to entertain him every day.

The book is now selling online on Goguru and will gradually be available on other platforms worldwide, such as Amazon or Book Depository. The e-book will be available in a few weeks as well!

We are proud to know that Goguru has awarded our book with their Editor's Pick for the Children's category. It gives us confidence and reinforces our project's educational and entertaining qualities. 'Laugh and Learn' is our motto, and we firmly believe that what is learnt through unconventional methods stays in the kids' minds forever.

We hope our little readers and parents enjoy our story as much as we enjoyed creating it during the past couple of years. Have fun!

- Mauro -

When my parents informed me that my book was ready and selling online, I felt very proud and happy. Even though I didn't seem very interested on the outside, on the inside, I was celebrating! I knew it was a good thing and I was so excited!

- Matteo -

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