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18th March 2015
How Fingerman was born!

I clearly remember that night: we were at "The Cyclo d'Angkor Boutique Hotel" (Siem Reap, Cambodia), having our supper after an entire day spent visiting temples and riding in a tuk-tuk!


Our son, Matteo (he was still three at that time!) was very impatient and irritated since that was the third day without his toys: unfortunately, we had forgotten the bag of his favourite games, which he had carefully prepared for our trip, at home.


I was getting desperate! I was doing my best to invent stories and alternative ways to entertain him! That night while waiting for our soups, I was distracting him by playing with the salt and pepper shakers on the table, pretending they were alive!


On that exact moment, Fingerman came up to my head!

I just stretched my pointer and middle fingers, closing the rest of the hand tightly! I started walking on the table in a goofy way, making a high-pitched, shrill-ridiculous falsetto voice: "Hi! I'm Fingerman!" And that was it!

Since that night, Fingerman became Matteo's best (imaginary) friend: he saved our holiday thanks to his stories, adventures, funny moments and ridiculous scenes!


It has been more than four years now, having Fingerman with us. He inevitably became one of us: thanks to his sharp, optimistic and funny character, he managed to carve his own space within our family nucleus, integrating it and filling it with fun and creative moments.

From that night, Fingerman became a sort of life-motive for birthday parties, games, bed time stories, handcraft activities, travelling buddy and now the STAR of our comic books.


Long live Fingerman!

- Mauro -

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